We asked some of our clients about our services
and our financial events and here's what they said:

"I have known Johanna since 2013, when myself a single mom, made my first investment with her. I find her dedicated, sincere and very amicable even when I sometimes can ask her so many questions over a few days on an investment opportunity, and she patiently gave me realistic answers. This is what I really like about Johanna, she's a financial specialist, she brings amazing knowledge to her members, and she is very real in the relationship, no pretense or egoism. I am very happy and fortunate to have Johanna advice me on investing." (December 2017)

- Cedar T.

"Great presentation.  Very happy and excited about my investments since coming to Island Life Financial." (March 2017)

- Catherine C. 

"It was well work my time and investment of money. Johanna and her team created a valuable seminar event. I would recommend my friends and family attend in the future as I am sure they will get lots of valuable information. Thank you Johanna for a great event." (March 2017)

- Yvonne P.

"I'm a 21 year old female who didn't know too much about real estate, stocks, bonds, mutual funds; coming to this event has taught me so much and has motivated me to take control of my financial life in order to escape from the "rat race". Thanks to the team of Island Life Financial and to Johanna for putting on such an terrific event for us all!" (January 2017)

- Dwayne A.

"Well worth it and a good chance to talk and exchange ideas and experiences." (November 2016)

- Robert H.

"Thanks Johanna for your commitment to educating your clients."  (October 2014)

- Susan B.

"What I appreciate most about Johanna is her integrity. It’s was clear with our first meeting that she was most interested in finding out what mattered and was important to me. Her knowledge and expertise is inspiring and a perfect match for my performing financial portfolio." (October 2014)

- Angela N.

"Well, to be truthful, it was my husband who signed up, I did not expect to find the day that interesting so I had a plan B in place. I would leave right after lunch and go shopping!! Plan B never crossed my mind, once I was there.  I was there for the whole day as each presenter just got better."  (September 2016)

- Adele H.

"This was time well spent! Speakers presented novel information for understanding markets, and made good cases to consider non-conventional investments."  (September 2014)

- Ed R.

"This was my second time attending an event that Johanna has put on in Victoria. This event was well organized, professional and fun. At the end of the day I left with a lot of valuable information regarding investing options. The speakers were knowledgeable and the day was worth my time."  (October 2016)

- Roberta A.

"I find Island Life Financial to be way above average in terms of clear, helpful advice about important (and sometimes complex) financial matters. This, combined with Johanna's no-pressure approach, allows me the information and time I need to make the right decisions. They really believe in education and ensuring their clients are well-informed."  (August 2015)

- Graham S.

"Before I met Johanna, I didn't fully understand what an Accredited Investment Specialist was. She provides access to fully vetted and scrutinized investments that make a real difference to my family's financial future." (September 2016)

- Mathieu P.

"I attended [an Island Life Financial] seminar.  I found it well-informed.  Owners of the funds were there telling us about their projects.  They also answered questions afterwards, no matter how complicated the questions were.  I certainly recommend anybody else to attend.  And I will be attending the next one.  P.S. lunch was delicious!  I was expecting cheese and crackers and sandwiches, and it was a whole spread!"  (February 2016)

- Wynne J.

“I attended a seminar hosted by Johanna last Spring.  I liked her presentation, style and manor.  Johanna is down to earth, knowledgeable about the investment industry, and easy to talk to.  I decided that evening to meet with her and discuss my investments.  When we met, Johanna explained my options and made her suggestions based on my portfolio, I made the decisions as to what investments I was going to make.  I love going to the financial seminars that Island Life Financial holds.  This is a great opportunity to learn about the investment industry in a relaxing atmosphere and meet people”.  (October 2014)

- Cathy C.

Disclaimer: The testimonials presented on this website are applicable only to the individuals depicted and may not be representative of the experience or views of others. The testimonials were solicited by Island Life Financial, though they were given freely and without any form of compensation.